Last week, we finished the Unit 5 and we started the 6th one. We started to learn the Modal Verbs as grammar point. Later on, we did some activities about in order to practice these concepts. We worked the modal verbs out with a text called ‘Ultra’ in which we had to find out modal verbs and we had to correct the mistakes. Then, we did a reading activity and we read a short text called ‘Railway Journeys’. When we finished, we also learned about the modal verbs in the past tenses. We worked that point using the Extra Practice part of the book, in which we did some activities. We did also a listening, called ‘Transport Problems’, which talked about the troubles that can be caused by the different types of transport in the city. To finish the unit, we worked the key language point, persuading and recommending actions; and we did more activities in order to practice the listening skill.

We started the Unit 6 talking about Literature. As usual, we started the unit with some oral activities. Then, we read a text called ‘The Nobel Prize for Literature’ and we worked the text doing some activities. Moreover, we learned some more vocabulary and we did some activities about the topic. To do it in a different way, we did an activity in pairs. We finished the class learning a grammar point: the narrative tenses.


This module talks about product packaging. On the first part of this module we have learnt the purposes of packaging, the labels, the symbols used on packages and some development considerations.

The main purpose of packaging is to protect goods. Products must be protected by the possible damages.

The different parts of protection are:

– Physical protection.
– Barrier protection.
– Containment or agglomeration.
– Information transmission.
– Marketing.
– Security.
– Convenience.
– Portion control.

The labels include symbols which are very important because they explain packaging products characteristics and they give us part of the product information. Also, symbols are used to report safety rules for users. Normally, these are very simple and easy to understand:

– Recycling Symbol.
– Barcode.
– Carton box package sign.
– Hazard symbols.
-Age warning symbol or within the toy packaging.

In addition, there are some development points to consider. Nowadays, product design and packaging are developed at the same time, both are equally important. Each product needs a specific package; therefore it has to meet a specific physical characteristic.

Furthermore, we have to consider the environment when we design a package. Sustainability, environmental responsibility and recycling regulation are just few concerns to be considered. When we talk about this topic, we can’t forget the traditional ‘three R’s’ (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), moreover prevention, minimization, energy recovery and disposal.

There is a packaging classification according to the number of layers or its function:

– Primary Packaging.
– Secondary Packaging.
– Tertiary Packaging.

The package material is chosen depending on the kind of product it is going to protect. Each package has to respond to different aspects.

In conclusion, I think that designing a good package is difficult because you have to take into account many factors. In my opinion, it is very important because it is the first thing that the user is going to see.


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