Today, I am going to write about the English lectures. Last week, on Wednesday we finished the Unit 7 and on Friday, we did the Progress Test 2.

At the beginning of this lecture, we were about half an hour on the virtual platform doing some activities.

The first day the teacher let us to do some activities on the virtual platform because we had to finish it for the exam, being used as a review. Later on, we started the Unit 7 talking about Architecture. As always, we started talking about the topic. Then, we learned some vocabulary and we did some activities. One of the activities was to classify adjectives in positive, negative or neutral significance. Moreover, we saw three pictures: The Coliseum, The Hajj Airport Terminal and The Eiffel Tower. Then we had to describe them. To finish with the lesson, we talked about a building from our country.

On Friday, we only had two class hours because we did a Progress Test 2. On the second part of the class, we finished the Unit 7. We read a text which talked about a hotel built in the space. After that, the teacher explained us The Passive form and we did some activities to practice it. To finish the lesson, we did two Listening activities.


On the first part of this module we learned about brands. It is very important to understand what marketing and branding is. We can define the Marketing as an activity or set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offers that costumers, clients, partners, and society value. Moreover, we can define the Branding like a process to look for a brand, specially, how you achieve to differentiate among others.

As it is said in the module, a BRAND is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers on the market. In addition, from the view of companies, the brand is the ‘key’ element to differentiate themselves among all competitors and a good way to attract customers.

We can talk about brand realities, meaning that to create a brand is used a name, term, symbol, design or combination of these elements. Also we can say that the material reality is used to identity a brand, and the psychology reality is the brand image, both used to consumers to identify and differentiate the products.

In short, as main characteristics of the brands must be mentioned those used as reference value that identify the products and the importance of them as symbol of quality, warranty and responsibility.

A brand is based on the following three elements:

– Name: as verbal identity.
– Logo: as visual identity.
– Graphics: to complete the visual identity (all you cannot pronounce).

When you see the three elements, you can also call it Anagram.

The name should be brief and easy to read and pronounce.

The second part of the module is centered on developing brands. This development is based on four universal principles:

– Clarity and personality
– Exclusivity
– Expressivity
– Be social

In order to develop a brand, it must be followed different steps:

– Research: it is to make a market analysis.
– Design: it is the psychological reality of the brand.
– Positioning: it is the status of the brand in the consumers’ mind.
– Construction: it is the material reality of the brand.

Also, there are three different strategies:

– Only brand strategy.
– Multiple brand strategy.
– Strategy endorsed of brands.

Brands must adapt themselves to the social and economic situation. Therefore, the brand must go through:

– Reposition.
– Renewal of a new brand.
– Create a new brand.


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