Today is the last day I am going to write on this blog. Therefore, today is the day that I am going to say you good bye. However, before finishing I should explain you what I learned on my last English lessons. Indeed, I will include a little summary about the modules I have already written about.

Well, first of all, I should say that last week we didn’t have class on Wednesday because it was Monday on the timetable. So we had only class on Friday, nonetheless I couldn’t go because I had a doctor appointment. Therefore, I asked Alba what did they do in this lesson and she explained me everything and I tried to do the activities at home. For instance, I worked the vocabulary out doing word combinations with some activities. Then, I read a text called ‘How the Internet is changing lives forever’ and I looked up the words I didn’t understand. Later on, I studied the grammar point called verb pattern, which I put into practice doing some activities in the Extra Practice part or the unit.


As I told you at my first post, I am studying the Industrial Design degree with all my excellent classmates. It means if everything is OK on the future, we will become excellent designers.

Ana Botella, our English teacher, decided to do an interesting work. She gave us different topics according to the Industrial Design. We did groups and we chose a topic. We had to look for information about it and we had to sum it up. The objective was to create a useful mini book with practical information. In the end, we get it.

Well, now I am going to recap briefly and generally all the modules’ information.

First of all, we must be able to give solutions to different problems of functionality and aesthetic. To do so, we have to be creative and innovative. We can get it using creative techniques. Further, we must be always bearing in mind the users’ needs and their likes.

About the process to create a new product is necessary to think about many aspects. From the different materials used to make the product to the packaging. When we talk about materials, we cannot forget the sustainable materials; little by little the environment is more present on design. The package is the way the product is protected, but it also involves the labels which are very important because thanks to them, customers can know how to be used, the transportation, the recycling, etc.

Moreover, the brand is very important when you want to sell a product. It is the first thing that consumers see. It is highly important to attract new clients. The brand must be clear and it must have own personality; it must be exclusive and it must be sociable and suitable for public, because it must be kept on the consumers’ mind for an indefinite period of time. Creators must be fair with the product’s quality.

To finish with, I want to tell you that this degree is very beautiful although in some cases there are difficult things to solve. We should be constant and hard-workers to achieve our goal: to become industrial designers.

It has been a pleasure to tell you about my experience with the English lessons.

Best regards to all of you.

Bye bye!



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