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Last week it was the third week of the English lectures and we finished the Unit 2. In general, we learned more vocabulary about environment with the Yellowstone text, we did a listening activity and also we worked in pairs to learn how to make a questionnaire. After that, we started the Unit 3 which talked about Sport. First, we did some activities and we read a text about Charles Miller, father of the beautiful game. To finish the class, the teacher explained to us the quantifiers and we put it into practice.

On Friday’s class, we reviewed the quantifiers. According to the grammar points, also we learned the definite and zero articles and as always, we did some activities about. In this unit, we also learned vocabulary, in this case abstract nouns, self-. Then, the teacher gave us the key points to write a good essay. In addition, for finishing, we split up into groups to decide who could be the best sportsperson and later, we discussed with the other groups about it.

Now, I am going to tell you about my professional future, but the one I hope to get.

Nowadays, as everybody knows, we are in a difficult situation because our country has an important economic recession. I think this issue affects us straightforwardly. This affects us because now, we are studying and when we finish, we will have some difficulties to find a job.

As you know, I am studying the third course of Industrial Design, so I have to think where I want to work in the future. Well, thinking about the current situation we are undergoing, I think that I will have to study a master to specialize myself in a particular field. However, because of the economic crisis I don’t know if my parents will be able to pay it. I am sure that they will do their best, although I am aware of our economic situation.

As all my classmates, I would like to work in a job related with the design. In my case, I would like to work in a graphic design studio; furthermore I would like to work designing new products in a company like Ikea.

In conclusion, I think that before start working, I have to study very hard to become a great professional of the design. On the other hand, I also think that while working, I will put into practice all my knowledge and I will learn more and quickly.

See you next week.




Today, I am going to speak you about what I have done in class this week. Also, I am going to tell you about my academic background.

 Firstly, I am going to write the class diary.

This week, we have estudied the second unit of the book, which talks about Environment. We have worked the differents parts that it include. In the Grammar, we have learned the differences between Present Perfect Simple and Continuous. Also, we have studied the words for, since and other time expressions, which we should use when we talking in these tense. Finally, in this part, the teacher has explained to us the Indirect Questions and we have done some activities about it. To be honest, it have been very easy for me. Later, in the listening section of the class, we have listened some dialects and we have had to take notes. We have also practised a bit our pronunciation reading a short text about the energy. Then, we have done some activities in class and the teacher has said to us that we had to do some homework. Throughout the unit, we have noted about vocabulary the texts we have read. In this course, there are a lot of new vocabulary and we have underlined the words that we do not understood. In the last class of this week, we have done groups and the teacher has given to us differents roles and we have discussed about the topic, in this case about environment, specifically, about build a wind farm.

Well, the next week, I will write again about the diary of class.

Now, I am going to talk you about my academic background. It will give you the chance to know me better.

When I was a child, I lived in Villena because my mother was working there and when I turned 13, we moved to  Beneixama. It is there where all my family lives rightnow. When my parents had the opportunity, they bought our house in Beneixama; that is why we live there, because in Villena we were living in a small flat all together and we needed more space, moreover because we are all ‘beneixamuts’.

My academic background starts in the schoolyard ‘Paidos’, in Villena. There, I met lot of friends and I had fun with them. My teachers were very nice and I loved them. Then, I went to the school ‘C.P. La Celada’, in Villena too. In this school, I met new friends. When I finished the Primary Education, that’s when we went to live to Beneixama. This is a little town and there is no high school. For this reason, I went to ‘I.E.S Professor Manuel Brosseta’ in Banyeres de Mariola to study the Secondary Education. I think that it was the best time, I met a lot of people and we spent great time in class. Two years before finishing the high education, another center was built in Biar and I had to go there, so I studied in Biar until I finished Bachillerato. In this town, I knew new people too, of course, but… this experience was not the same. Before continue, I have to tell you that during all this time, I was  studying music in the Professional Conservatory of Music of Villena. There, I learnt music during more than 10 years, until I achieved the diploma in Grado Medio on flute speciality. It was five years ago.

To continue… soon after, when I was 18, I went to live to Valencia because there I started studying a degree called Technical Architecture. When I was in the second course, I realized  that I didn’t choose the right opcion and I changed the degree.

Since three years ago I am studying Industrial Design in Alcoi. I have known a lot of friends here and I know that these relationships will be for ever. Now, I am happy because I am studying what I like, and it I love it. I want to finish my studies and to look for a job.

Well, now you know somethings else about me…

See you next week.

Best regards.


Hello to my blog!!!

I will explain you the reason why I am going to write in this blog. Well, this blog is a project for the subject Foreign Language II. Every week, I will tell you the things we do in class.

First of all, I will start with my presentation.

I’m Mª Dolores (Loles or Dolo for friends) and I’m 22 years old. I’m from Beneixama, which is a little town of 2000 inhabitants, more or less. I like my town a lot because people are very nice.

In my family, we are 5 members: my parents, my sister, my brother and I. My father works in a bank, in Banyeres de Mariola; my mother is a nurse and she works in Villena. My brother is younger than me and he lives with my parents, like me. He goes to the high school in Biar. My sister, who is older than me, doesn’t live with us because she’s married. Now, she is pregnant and her child will be my first nephew. I am very happy and very nervous. I’m looking forward the day! Finally, I talk to you about my boyfriend. He’s a computer professional and he works in Alcoy.

Five years ago, I lived in Valencia because I started to study Technical Architecture. Though when I was in the second course I realized I didn’t want to continue so I decided to do a change in my studies.

My decision was to study Industrial Design in Alcoy and now I’m studying the third course. The time passes very quickly. I like this degree, I like what I’m doing and I think this is very important. I wish to work on it in the future… hopefully! I think all we study this degree have many opportunities to work anywhere, thus it has many branches and it gives us the chance to look for a likely job.

Nowadays, I live in Alcoy with two flatmates during the week, whom are also from the same town as me.

I like being with my friends, going out with them and having some beers. Also I like drawing, the photography… furthermore I love the music. When I was 7 or 8, I started to play the flute and I studied for 11 years until I got the diploma. Now, I play in the music band of my town every Friday.

Well, with all these words I think you know me a bit more.

All I can do now is to say see you next week…

Best regards!